How to Save WhatsApp Status in my gallery, Smart IPTV and laptop

In Asia, whatsapp status allows users to share photos and videos with people using the instant messaging app that is becoming increasingly popular. WhatsApp used to just be a messaging app, but the app added a Status feature a couple of years ago. Things you upload on Snapchat and Instagram get taken down after 24 hours, similar to what you do on Facebook Stories and Tumblr Stories. It’s very easy to create a WhatsApp Status, and you can see someone else’s status by going to the Status tab on WhatsApp. However, if you get in a spot to save WhatsApp status, then you’ll appreciate knowing you can do so with your Android smartphone by following these simple steps given below.

It is a very useful way to save your WhatsApp Statuses and we have found it many times funny, so that’s why we suggest you take permission from the individual you wish to save their WhatsApp Status love, islamic status etc.

How to save WhatsApp Status video on Android


This tutorial involves using the Google Files App, since it’s a free app for Android. You can use any file manager you like for this tutorial, but the steps may vary. Google’s Pixel smartphones come pre-installed with the app and you can download it from Google Play and

Following these steps will allow you to save WhatsApp Status video on your Android smartphone and Smart IPTV :

  1. Go to the Google Files app, then click on the hamburger icon that appears on the top-left of your Android smartphone and select Settings.
  2. As an alternative, if you have a Pixel smartphone, then the Files app can be opened, by selecting the three-dot menu on the top-right and selecting Settings.
  3. Show hidden files should be enabled on the new screen. On Pixel smartphones, reveal your internal storage.
  4. Tap Internal storage on the main Files menu.
  5. Now go to the WhatsApp folder > Media > ‘.Statuses’.
  6. Save your photo or video by long pressing it and selecting Copy. In the phone’s internal storage, you can put the file anywhere you like.

With these guidelines, you can save any WhatsApp status that was ever set when the status was added. You can likewise save any status that was modified more than 24 hours ago.


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